FEC Welcomes Coeus

Anderson, Ind. – The Flagship Enterprise Center (FEC) has welcomed its newest client, CoeusTechnology. A Service Disabled Veterans Owned Small Business, Coeus specializes in two unique offerings, virtualization of data systems and infrastructures and patented MonoFoil Technology™, a revolutionary antimicrobial agent.

Support services provided by Coeus focus on the virtualization and “GreenStreaming” of a company’s computer systems and infrastructure. By analyzing the systems and procedures, Coeus advises the company on ways to consume less power in daily operations. The benefits of this “GreenStreaming” process, however, go beyond simply cutting energy costs. “Energy saving is a primary concern,” says VP of Network Operations Joseph Vicini, “but our analysis can also be instrumental in cutting down managerial costs and the overall effort needed in managing infrastructures.”

In addition to consulting, Coeus is also on the cutting edge of antimicrobial science with its MonoFoil Technology™. Monofoil is an antimicrobial additive that safely and permanently protects material from the harmful and degrading effects of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi. MonoFoil Technology™ can be infused at a molecular level in the production of nearly any product. This includes materials such as plastics, fabrics, powder coating and paper products to make the entire material resistant to many types of microbes and bacteria such as Staph, MRSA, E-coli, and influenza. By infusing MonoFoil into a wood desk, for instance, the surface of the desk will become permanently protected for the useful life of the product from the growth of germs and bacteria. President and CEO Nate Richardson elaborates on the wide range of uses for the technology. “The applications for this product are endless,” says Richardson. “It has the power to do everything from eliminating black mold on construction sites to stopping the flu from spreading around the office.” MonoFoil is currently the only non-chemically bound, non-leaching additive to provide such a vast range of microbial protection.

Richardson says he’s excited about the future of Coeus Technology as it begins operation at the FEC. “We’re looking to really establish a leadership position in both of our areas of business,” he remarks. “We bring the virtual and physical world together, and we’re on the cutting edge of both.” According to DeWayne Landwehr, Executive Director of FEC, “Coeus offers an interesting play. The GreenStreaming piece fits right into the whole Green movement, and the Monofoil piece could be enormous, especially when looking at another run with H1N1 flu this fall.” Landwehr continues, “These guys have a tremendous opportunity, and are pursuing it aggressively. We are very pleased they chose to locate here.”

For more information on Coeus Technology, visit http://www.coeustechnology.com or contact Nate Richardson at (317) 340-9951.

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